Temporary Car Insurance for Holidays and For Students

While holidaying, mobility is important. Borrowing a car or renting a vehicle is the most sought after solution for vacationers and holiday makers. But many people also hesitate to use a car on holiday because of the horrendously expensive insurance fees. But temporary car insurance has become an easy solution for those wanting to avoid the outrageous expense of traditional insurance.

This temporary or temporary insurance (link) is available for vehicles through insurance companies and their websites. temporary car insurance is also known by other names such as day insurance and temporary car insurance. This type of insurance is very quickly processed. The payment can also be made online. And the convenience goes to an extent where the insurance policy can be printed on your home printer.

The interesting feature about the temporary car insurance is that the claim will not influence the annual policy as this is a separate individual policy. Another interesting feature about this insurance is that its coverage can be extended to other borrowed automobiles for travel to other locations in Europe.

Such temporary car insurance has a wide scope – for example, if you are planning a holiday and do not have sufficient room, you can attach a trailer or caravan and buy a temporary car insurance comprehensively covering the vehicle. The insurance coverage is granted to those who hold a UK or European driving license for at least twelve months and who have not made claim due to fault in the last three years. You must also have not more than six points on your license. Should an event for a claim arise, your annual insurance no-claims discount is absolutely protected because of the temporary car insurance.

For students home for vacations, the temporary car insurance adds convenience to their mobility factor. Cost of insurance for younger drivers is very exorbitant and parents find it financially difficult to have their children’s names added to their existing policy. Adding names also means contacting their insurance brokers to make midterm adjustments to the existing insurance policy. And of course, a young driver in the driver’s seat often means that the parents have to for-ego the no-claims bonus!

The temporary car insurance solves these problems in many cases. Quick to be processed, a temporary car insurance of up to twenty eight days can absolve parents of the anxieties that overwhelm when their young children asks to use their vehicles. The payment for the insurance can be done online and the policy printed out at home. The temporary car insurance overcomes the parents’ fears of losing out on the no claim bonuses.

The temporary car insurance in the name of the student can be extended to whatever period of time up to twenty eight days as the need may be. It can be taken on and off for certain days. .

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